Empowering maintenance delivery

By using Causeway’s computer aided facilities management (CAFM) software, the University of Bradford has revolutionised its maintenance processes, improved communication, increased productivity and developed SLAs to ensure performance can be measured and reported.
Using FM Facts software, the University of Bradford has improved performance by nearly 20%. Benefits extend across the full spectrum of hard and soft FM services, including security, cleaning, portering, audio-visual services and engineering services, with a workforce that feels more appreciated and better supported.

Causeway’s CAFM software provides the University of Bradford with an end-to-end solution for managing the University’s built environment. From the Helpdesk communication hub through job tracking and costing, the University is able to report and prove value for money by ensuring all objectives are being met.

Deployment of the Causeway Facilities Management Smart Phone App has given caretakers and engineers true ownership of the jobs assigned to them, providing a much clearer picture of what work is actually being completed. At the same time, caretakers are adding jobs as they walk the campus, something that was not possible before the Smart Phones were rolled out.

Use of Causeway’s CAFM software is further supporting the University’s award-winning sustainable construction policy which, together with fast job completion and a satisfaction feedback opportunity, is leading to happier ‘customers’ across all stakeholders.

Supporting the Operations Process

Causeway’s solutions for facilities, estates, property and sustainability management encompass the key aspects of managing buildings and their performance, with high levels of data integration, mobile workforce capabilities and powerful reporting functionality. With Causeway’s support, building operators are able to optimise their resource usage, improve productivity and deliver to the most rigorous SLAs.